Finding the Right Property Settlement Lawyers in Adelaide

If you are looking for a property settlement lawyer in Adelaide, and once to find someone who can resolve your property issues in a quick and cost-effective fashion, look no further than Di Morosini & Co. With 32 years under our belts as an accredited family law firm, we can help you through virtually any type of property dispute you may be dealing with—particularly those related to divorce.

At Di Morosini & Co., our guiding principle has always been to bring certainty to our clients as quickly as is reasonably possible. Not knowing where you are going to live after a divorce, or which belongings or assets are going to be yours, is an especially stressful type of uncertainty. The emotional impact of a divorce is challenging enough by itself, and worrying about property settlements only makes the experience more overwhelming.

Family Law and Property Distribution: The Services Available from Di Morosini & Co.

When you hire Di Morosini & Co. as your property settlement lawyers in Adelaide, we will immediately get to work devising a property settlement that is fair and equitable to you. If you are in the middle of a divorce and decide to bring us in as your property settlement lawyer in Adelaide, the services we provide to you may include the following:

  • Mediation and Negotiation: Divorces can become ugly, particularly when spouses are battling over property settlements. Di Morosini & Co. can mediate a conversation between you and your spouse, with the goal of coming to a fair property settlement outside of the courtroom.
  • Spousal Maintenance: If you earn markedly less money than your spouse, or if you did not work at all for a period of the marriage, you may be entitled to a spousal maintenance arrangement. In essence, if you do not earn enough on your own to be self-sufficient or to afford your day-to-day needs, spousal maintenance can require your spouse to continue supporting you even after divorce.
  • Binding Financial Agreements: Did you sign a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement before you and your spouse married? If so, then Di Morosini & Co. and our Adelaide property settlement lawyers can help analyse the agreement and determine where it leaves each spouse.
  • Consent Order: When you divorce, a consent order is essential to finalise any and all financial obligations you have to your spouse. Without a consent order, your spouse can make a financial obligation against you at any point in the future. Di Morosini & Co. will draw up an ironclad consent order to ensure that your marriage is completely in the past.

Our Adelaide property settlement lawyers will also provide any legal counsel or courtroom representation you require during your divorce proceedings.

Hire Your Adelaide Property Settlement Lawyer Today

Property disputes in the event of a divorce don’t have to be messy, ugly affairs. With the help of the right property settlement lawyer in Adelaide, you and your spouse can come to an amenable agreement regarding your shared personal property. At Di Morosini & Co., we hope we will be your choice for Adelaide property settlement lawyer. Contact us on (08) 8231 3138 to speak to an attorney or learn more about our services.

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