Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Adelaide

Are you are going through the breakdown of a relationship with a spouse? Are you considering a divorce? If so, then you may ask whether or not you need to hire an Adelaide divorce lawyer to take you through the process. After all, if you and your spouse are in agreement, and both of you want to apply for a divorce, there is no need to involve lawyers, right?

Not necessarily. While divorces can be amicable—at least in that both spouses are interested in dissolving the marital union—there are very often elements that complicate the equation. Do you have children? Did you and your spouse start a business together? Do you own a home together? What other property or assets are there to which you can both claim ownership?

Very often, these questions are not the first things that couples are thinking of when they decide to divorce—and for good reason. However, even the most amicable divorce can turn ugly when the above factors come into play. Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer in Adelaide can be an effective way of keeping things amicable from start to finish.

**Introducing Di Morosini & Co. **

If you are looking for divorce lawyer services in Adelaide, Di Morosini & Co. can help. Since 1983, we have been providing superior legal counsel in the specialty of family law. We can help you through every stage of the divorce process, from the mandated period of separation (the Family Court of Australia requires that married couples have been separated for 12 months prior to applying for divorce) to the final court appointment.

At Di Morosini & Co., one of our chief specialties as a divorce lawyer in Adelaide is property settlement. Whether you and your spouse share a house or a business, are attempting to divide assets in an equitable fashion or require assistance mediating these difficult conversations, Di Morosini & Co. has the experience and accreditation to help.

Another specialty of ours pertains to children’s issues, which can be a major part of a divorce discussion. If you and your spouse had one or more children together while you were married, then talks about custody, child support and more are essential. If you hire Di Morosini & Co. as your divorce lawyer in Adelaide, we will do everything we can to fight for you and your child.

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Divorces are complicated business. They not only drastically change to the lives of the two spouses who are deciding to go their separate ways, but they also affect children, families, business partnerships and more.

At Di Morosini & Co., our goal is to help you through this difficult process in a way that is as painless and low-stress as possible. We want to help you come to amenable agreements with your spouse, but we also want to make sure that you are ready to move on with your life. The bottom line is this: when you hire us as your divorce lawyers in Adelaide, you don’t just get stone-faced attorneys. You get people who genuinely care about you, your assets and your family.

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