Need Help with Complex Financial Matters? Hire the Di Morosini & Co. Family Law Firm in Adelaide

From trusts and wills to family owned companies, families will find themselves dealing with complicated financial matters from time to time. At Di Morosini & Co., we can help you to demystify even the most complex issues of family finances, ensuring that these situations are resolved in the quickest and most accurate manner possible.

Di Morosini & Co. is not just some ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ family law lawyer in Adelaide. On the contrary, we have been serving clients seeking counsel in the category of family law for more than three decades now. From divorces to property disputes, we have the skills, expertise and accreditation necessary to handle any family law problem you may face. We are also experienced in handling complicated financial matters involving companies and trusts.

Getting Help with Wills and Trust

Virtually any question you may have about a trust, will or estate, we can answer at Di Morosini & Co. As knowledgeable family law lawyers in Adelaide, we have previously handled every facet of trusts—from planning and executing them, to distributing assets to heirs.

If you are looking to put together a will, contact Di Morosini & Co. today to make an appointment with our estate planning specialist. Wills and trusts are, by themselves, incredibly complex financial constructs. Ideally, a good trust will not just allocate how your belongings, money and other assets will be divided amongst friends and family members after you pass away. On the contrary, trusts can also cut down on estate taxes and reduce or eliminate the confusion (and court proceedings) that will surround the distribution of assets after your death.

Ultimately, every will and trust is unique, depending on the person whose estate it catalogues. Having an expert to guide you through the process of putting together an ironclad trust will provide you with peace of mind that your estate is in good hands. As top family law lawyers in Adelaide, Di Morosini & Co. can provide the expert guidance you need.

When Family and Business Collide, Hire a Family Law Specialist in Adelaide

Another complex financial situation can arise if you have been in business with a spouse or family member but are looking to terminate that business relationship going forward. Spouses who start a business together and then get divorced find themselves in especially messy situations, while similar disputes regarding family-owned-and-operated businesses can also turn ugly.

If, for whatever reason, you need to divide the company assets of a family-run business, do not try to handle the affair yourself. Assessing the value of the role that each spouse or family member played in a business can turn bitter and argumentative without a professional to oversee the process and make an objective assessment. When you hire Di Morosini & Co. as your family law firm in Adelaide, we will consider your family business documents in detail and determine how business assets can be split up fairly and amicably.

Do you require assistance with a trust or a family business dispute? Contact Di Morosini & Co. and hire us as your family law lawyers in Adelaide! We can be reached via email at

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